Savena provides integrated logistic solution for complex projects in various sectors. With our proficiency in cargo insurance and supply chain finance, we help clients identify the conflicts across different countries, ensuring that issues are recognised earlier. We are the market’s preferred partner for cost effective and tailored logistic solutions across various markets.

Cargo Insurance

Savena insurance department works closely with our partner, Tokio Marine, to ensure our customers’ cargo is carefully looked after until delivery at their doorstep. Due to unforeseen circumstances, some cargo may cause monetary losses. Hence we always ensure our customers’ cargo is insured accordingly before transport by land, sea or air.

Supply Chain Finance During Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected many lives and businesses. Since cash outlay and collection is very challenging at present, we are here to provide financial support for those qualified to ensure all their shipments are delivered as planned.

Customs Consultancy

Savena logistics not only provides freight and logistics services but also goes further to assist its customers on complicated matters such as various permit applications and duty drawback, through our customs consultancy department led by a former deputy director of customs.

Value added Services
General Exhibition Services
  1. Door Pickup from Country of Origin
  2. Temporary/Normal Export Handling, Permit Application, Customs Clearance, and Freight from POL
  3. Temporary/Normal Import Handling, Permit Application, Customs Clearance, and Transfer from Arrival Port to Advanced Warehouse
  4. Delivery to Exhibition Venue & Inbound Onsite Handling
  5. Pickup from Exhibition Venue, Outbound Onsite Handling, and Transfer to Warehouse pending Re-Export Formalities / Duty Tax Payment for Conversion from Temporary to Permanent Import
  6. Re-Export Handling, Permit Application, Customs Clearance, and Freight from POL / Local Delivery of Sold Goods
  7. Re-Import Handling, Permit Application, Customs Clearance, Door Delivery back to Origin

Note : In some cases, re-export for other exhibitions before returning back to origin